FiveM Gametype Contest (+ prizes!)


GTA San Andreas supports more than 32 players because the MP code was implemented from scratch for both SAMP and MTA, and the only available language is Lua. Also GTA: SA does not requires you to have a legal copy of the game.

FiveM on the other side uses the RAGE side of things and it has support for Lua, C# and JS. It has anti piracy and anti cheat by default to make sure that everyone plays fair.

Also, I have seen only one or two servers that have reached the max of players in FiveM. I don’t know why you need support for more than 200 players.


Yes I can put up to over 200 players on a single server as I have a large community waiting for it. It would be an amazing experience to be able to put so many players in FiveM.


So many ideas, so little time. I’ll see if I can whip anything up if my final exams are friendly to me.


PUBG in FiveM? That be a good one :thinking:


Spoiler: You are probably not the only one working on a similar project

(As cross reference from some conversations that we’re going on in discord).


Would like to know that too…

Also if mapmanager and spawnmanager have to be used?


i solved my issue, seems like declaring the resource as a gametype already disables all spawns if not for the ones set by the resource itself :smiley:, spawnmanager and mapmanager implementations are nice to have, but not a must.


i have a question: what if my gamemode doesn’t run on linux? will it still be fine? I’m using a little node wrapper for the database and it seems to break on linux :frowning:


If someone remakes CrazyBob’s Cops N Robbers from sa-mp, that will win hands down. I want to see more DeathMatch-oriented servers. It’s a shame DM is ruined in GTA Online with the ridiculous military-grade rockets and hover bikes.


Define “break”. Missing dependency?


no, current node status on linux is not on par with windows, the server just crashes when i run the gamemode there, while on windows after all the recent bugfixes, it works without any problem at all




This contest is for non roleplay related gamemodes.


Good i love it


Great! Thanks for the information!


Reminder for anyone that the deadline is closing in :slight_smile:




Just submitted mine! I hope to see a lot of them coming in last minute. Just like the good old school days :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I’m still experiencing that :fire: hell :frowning:


I don’t think there will be many…

Most of this community don’t seem to be interested in something besides RP.