FiveM Gametype Contest (+ prizes!)


For those who already submitted before the deadline was changed, do we have to submit again for the new deadline or?


I don’t think so, unless you provided a download that has since been changed. Though if the details are still the same you don’t have to resubmit. If you want to change details, you can also just reply to or edit your original submission.


Got mine submitted, fashionably at the last minute. Good luck to everyone :sunglasses:


Just completed ours too. Good luck to everyone else that is part of the contest :confetti_ball:


So I had 12 more hours? I abandoned idea to upload it, made piece with myself, finished it and finally went to sleep in “last minutes” when I actually had 12 hours. Don’t know is it good or bad.


good luck everyone :heart:


breaking your own tos :woman_facepalming: smh…


I will be watching this topic now :popcorn:


So you think FiveM are gonna sue themselves for breach of contract? :woman_facepalming: smh…


Due to some time constraints we haven’t posted an update on the contest yet - but it’s likely we’ll modify the judging to have a popular vote component as well as a number of the game mode submissions are hard to test with a smaller group. :frowning:

Watch out during the coming day for updates and official servers with the target game modes coming up for your enjoyment. :slight_smile:


I see that the servers with each submission up, and that’s awesome! Is it possible I could get the playernames resource to be disabled on the server my submission is on, though? It allows people to see the prop’s IDs


Can I have my submission up please? I thought all you needed was the live demo and source code. But I did send you the entire resources folder which contains everything needed to start a server.


I think there’s a bad configuration for mine :sweat_smile:


Mine will not work as the resource name is different than what it is set to in the javascript file for NUI callbacks.

May the person who has set them up, please take a look at my replies to my submission. I’ve provided the way to fix it, along with other information.



edit : idk why it shows as a reply


I think they’re still deciding or some shit lol



Any winners yet lol

feeling like a scam for free gamemodes at this point


Patience is key, just remember how much money they’re giving away.


At least they got your gamemode running.


How are you going with that?
Got anything?
Sounds cool.