FiveM Gametype Contest (+ prizes!)


If you actually need persistence for your game mode, using whatever common solution for it should be fine - just try to make it as generic as possible so it could be adapted to work with e.g. SQLite.


I hope someone will recreate Spark’s protect the prime minister that we had on Sa:mp…


Very nice event !
I’ll try to find time to participate :wink:
Thank you for all, FiveM is awesome.


I’ts a joke ? Oo

When are you going to “DO” a complete doc for start?


In fact, I say that because it lacks only that to allow small developers that we are to do more ! :wink:


thats a great idea actually


^^^^^^^this so much.


i have a question 'bout this. My gamemode requires no map resources (like map-skater) to be started, is that still considered acceptable?


Finally something really solid about FiveM. Gonna install it again, good luck everyone!


I have a question about the submition, if I send the github link by email the 31th Decembre by example and I push an update the 1st january. Will you care about the update?

Other question, about dependencies, Is it possible to split the gamemode in multiple resources?


Can an element mention or quote this in reply <3

What’s the limitations with UIs? Would you guys rather for us to use native like DrawSprite and DrawText etc. Or is there no limitations on a UI ( as long as it has no dependencies…

Thanks Bois


We’ll grant real prizes to the top 3 submissions, as judged by the FiveM team and external contributors:

I’ll be happy to judge any submissions, since I’m not planning on partaking in this contest. :smiley:

@FAXES I guess it’s your game mode, you decide.


Ok. Just did not know if there was any restrictions against UI’s. But maybe natives are better performance :wink:


Yeah if you game mode causes the clients to run at a horrible FPS, then it would be harder for us to judge :slight_smile:




FYI, NUI is usually more performant than natives.


Depends on what you do with them/how you use them imo.


MEGA!!! Nice Idea, Great!


I’m waiting for FiveM to support more than 200 players to start creating my GameMode here, meanwhile, I’m in good old sa-mp.


I wonder what game mode is so important to require that many players. I doubt you’ll ever fill a server with 200 people at the same time to play such “game mode” even if FiveM supported it right now. :thinking: