FiveM Dashcam


Thank you for this script! My server loves using it for our videos and stuff.
Quick question? Is there a way to record the dashcam so we can use it for trials?


Not really an effecient way of doing it.


Oh, Ok. Thank you anyways!


Hey is there anyway i can change the vehicle licensed from State of San Andreas to something else


Edit the code.


Would it be possible to make a bodycam style version of this script, not sure how possible it would be as I’m about as far from experienced as you can get with LUA.


It’s possible yes.


How can I make it so the camera is looking from the players pos and not the centre of the vehicle?


You write the code to make it do that. I am not gonna give you a step by step tutorial on how to convert this. Be better off just using a separate resource.


Im not asking for a step by step tutorial Im asking if there is a line of code that makes it so the camera is placed on the centre of a vehicle.

Thank you for your (very little) co-operation!


There isnt just one line of code and my very little cooperation is coming from the fact people ask me questions about how to make my resources into something else. If this had the complete capability of going into a body cam wouldn’t I have called this bodycam / dashcam…