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Come hop on and RP!






Server Coordinators hosted a Presidential Convoy Event!


LEO Funeral Procession EVENT


We now have a YouTube!!

Come check us out!


New Youtube video in our Official youtube channel! Now featuring our own LEO Department, the San Andreas Highway Patrol! Check it out here:


Massive scene on Panorama in Sandy Shores! FiveM First Class RP


We have lots of subdivisions for our officers and for our civilians! Come join and be able to do some awesome RP that you wouldn’t be able to do on other servers! First Class Roleplay Community


great server come play great staff great owners and great community :slight_smile:



SAHP probationary officers lined up and ready for basic training


TSU on duty




image image
dose crime pay off? not when you get caught by one of our officers



LS at night


This community is legit the best you can be in, there is awesome staff and members! Roleplay Is Amazing! Custom Cars! Active Server pretty much 24/7! Now let me tell you, this was my very first server, and ive been in sense either march or april i cant remember tbh, but i suggest you join!