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the discord link isnt expired . if you use in a browser it will redirect you to it ! however if you need a direct link. the direct link is


Fire At the Liqour ace and Fire Marshals Investigate the cause! Come check it out on the Server!


Christmas Time in SA!





Recently hosted National Taco Truck day lol!
Come check out the schenanigans on the server!


San Andreas Game Wardens watching for strey Mountain lions creeping into Paleto Bay.


Firefighter’s have a big role! We are recruiting!!


Join the SAFD for intense and exciting moments fighting fires!


Do you use TS?



FBI Investigations


Come Join us on the server!


Great server love it great staff great community





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Come Join This Amazing Server, Staff Is Amazing, People Are Amazing = Community Is Amazing!!! Come On And Play!! Here Are some peaks of some roleplay!!! Others and I have posted alot too!! Come Join!


Had a Christmas Event today! It was very fun, you should come check out more of our events on the server!!!