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Welcome to First Class RPC, we are an up and coming FiveM Emergency Services RP community, with tons of custom cars and mods you won’t find elsewhere! We have a small but dedicated staff team. We are dedicated to helping make your RP the best it can be! We pride ourselves on Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Commitment, and Service. Whether through moderation or simple FAQ’s. We got your back!

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Server 1 IP:

Some of our main features are but are not limited to

:black_small_square: Real life LEO’s/FIREMEN/EMT’s in the community, who are always willing to help and teach you how you can RP better, or just help with any general questions!
:black_small_square: An EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operator’s Course) training based off real-life training courses!
:black_small_square: An administration that is dedicated to helping your experience become better and assisst and serve others!
:black_small_square: A killbox for interior combat tactic’s training, with scaffolding for supervisors to observe trainee’s, based off real-life military/police training!
:black_small_square: A ladder truck with a WORKING LADDER !!
:black_small_square: Custom fire/ems cars !
:black_small_square: Custom police cars !
:black_small_square: Custom civ cars !
:black_small_square: Whitelisted Cops/Fire/Ems !
:black_small_square: ESX and Trainer Based (2 Servers) ( with limited options to restrict fail RP) !
:black_small_square: Friendly/Helpful Staff !
:black_small_square: Active/Dedicated Developers to tackle those bugs, any time of day !
:black_small_square: A community built and operated, not just a one-man show!
:black_small_square: All the standard esx plugins as well as custom addons ! Too many to list!
:black_small_square: Construction / Tow Vehicles !
:black_small_square: Realistic Vehicle Damage !
:black_small_square: Penal codes and set jail times for specific crimes !
:black_small_square: MANY sub-divisions, example air support, special response team, traffic services unit, motor unit, gang unit and so much more !!


And on top of all this, we have all the standard plugins you come to expect from an RP server, from tweeting, to texting, to showing your ID, all the way to emotes, vehicle hud and more!

Discord : [ ]
Server 1 IP:


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Hello Everyone, I am one of the Owners of this community and all I can say is we look forward to what you can bring to our community we can’t wait to grow :smiley:.


Awesome community, great members, absolutely wonderful RP. Come say Hi and RP with us!



Great community with a ton of helpful members. :fire: They have a really cool Civ Director :ok_hand::joy::ok_hand:



Id like to add that this community is amazing and love to grow, you will create true friendships here :smiley:





citizens gather round for the sentencing of a corrupt officer


Great server been playing on it for months now the owners, staff, and community in general are very helpful and the staff are active come by and say hi




This is a very fun community with some really cool guys and gals!






Hanging out in front of the LSPD, hiding in plain sight.