[ESX-Release] esx_doorlock_mhacking

This is now fixed and syncing with all players.

All credit goes to @zr0iq(mhacking) and @Hawaii_Beach(esx_doorlock)

Huge thanks to @Raging_NaClholic with Fresh Start RP for all of his help.

I decided to try and combine mhacking with esx_doorlock so that players could break each other out of jail and hack into pd.

This resource allows one to hack all locked doors within esx_doorlock.

The hacking will not begin until the player has the item ‘keycard’ on them. I have included the sql for the item.

The item is consumed once you begin hacking. To change that go to server\server.lua line 55 and remove it.

Requires ‘mhacking’ and ‘esx’.

Put “start esx_doorlock_mhacking” in your server.cfg


Do you have any screenshots or vids?

possible to alert police if PD or X doors are hacked as well as make it so some doors aren’t hackable?

we need ss or a vid


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Uploaded and linked.

To remove doors edit the config.lua. It should be possible to send an alert, I didn’t want that in mine seeing that the police don’t have someone monitoring the station.

I can not use keycard…

Ahh. I just added the sql file needed to add the item. Try open and running the sql file on your database. This should clear things up.

Still not working when I try to hack example Principal Bank… I have mhacking and this script but nothing happens

Do you have a keycard in your inventory? make sure you have one in there then walk up to the door and hit H

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Did you add start esx_doorlock_mhacking to your server.cfg

Hello, this is really cool,

I tried to make it work for the latest version of esx_doorlock, but I keep getting errors client side, any idea how to make it work please ?

Thank you

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This is a complete replacement of esx_doorlock. They will conflict if you are running both of them.

This is using the latest esx_doorlock with the implementation of mhacking.

This is super neat! Can’t wait to implement this on my server to use along with bank robberies and replacing my current esx_doorlock.

Has anyone happened to use this script along with [Release][ESX] New Reworked Bank Robbery System ?

more or less for hacking jail or pd, would make sense to have police noti, ill try to do this, but will probably fail or just make certain doors hard set to never be hacked.

Not at all, nobody has someone working dispatch at pd.
I would consider it meta if police got notified if someone was hacking a pd door, because of you not having dispatch.

yea trying to figure out how to make some doors still lockable but not hack able???

For that you can remove the door from config and use the original esx_doorlock.

you still get a load of errors. client and server side