[ESX] Real Weapons (wearable)



YOU have to edit the config file to change weapons positions.
It’s very long to do and very boring so I won’t do it. You can do PR on the github for the positions.

ENJOY :smiley:

Weapons on Back
[Release] Camping
[FX] Wearable Weapons

How to use??? i AM confused


What do you mean ?? Installation ?


is that only for esx?


How to use? in the game pls


Yes ofc. I one if the ESX team so yeah I code for my core :slight_smile:


Are you using ESX as core ?


I put the file on my server, and gave start, just do not know how to use it.


I asked you a question.


Great work :grin::v:️ I like a lot it. Remember a lot just cause (the game). I have only the baseball inside the torso. But for the rest is perfect.


Cheers Renaiku for the hardwork dude, love this script :slight_smile:


Not working for me. The weapons are not being displayed; i’m running essentialmode 5 and i dropped everything on es_extended.


Once again, you’ve very very probably didn’t followed install instructions neither from esx nor this script. Or maybe you’ve isntalled things that adds conflicts…


wish someone could upload a config so we wouldnt have to do all this


I wish this coming to VRP one day.


why…lol ugh…


I’m pretty sure this is a fatal injury. https://i.imgur.com/Qpg4dpF.jpg



yeah, the config are not good, takes too much time for all weapons. Placing them is up to you guys ^^


hey what do you mean by clone the repository?


hey by the way is this on every ped including cops ?