[ESX] Real Weapons (wearable)



does it appear on cops and peds im new?


Yes on every living things


is there any way i can take them off the police models?


used it on my old server without any problems… but with new fivem version and esx5 it happens often, that the weapons arent visible… not everytime… sometime it works… i cannot see why this happens… im stuck =(


Can i run it in vRP server ?


renaiku is it possible to convert to vRP? How can I do this ?


how can i make so that it shows more weapons ?


Someone got the config file and will upload it because he is really good man? :slight_smile:


It clearly says it is for ESX…

You can try convert it yourself.

Look in the config, there is plenty of example for you to get an idea of what to put.

There is a default config with the download…

This script is alright but there are a few bugs:

  • Weapons stay on your back after you pull the weapon out.
  • Weapons stay on your back when you die.
  • Weapons stay on your back when you drop/remove the weapon.
  • Basically, weapons are always on your back after you pickup a weapon…
  • Also seems to cause major FPS issues, probably due to the fact it is CONSTANTLY “updating” the bone-weapon alignment. (Literally every frame…)

Nice idea, it is great to physically see when someone has a weapon so they don’t just pull it out their ass and shoot you, you can be prepared but still needs some work.


where can i change so that only 3 guns shows ?


Config with good injury :slight_smile:


I mean config with good injutry of weapons


I am having some guns not show up like the ar any idea why


Check the config file, it may not have a bone location and will require you to create it


ya it dose changed it to did nothing all I need is the ar on the front that’s all the guns I need


Anyone got code that allows use of MK2 weapons? I don’t really want to remove them from the server but this mod is just too good to now have.


anyone got a code that when you put on a bag the weapon disappear and when you don’t have a bag it stays on you back?


Is there a way to make this code work with MK2 weapons? I wrote the exact same lines of code for the MK2 weapons with “_MK2” at the end and it doesn’t seem to work. I swear it is written correctly. :man_shrugging:


If I edit the config can I make it so that it will show only 1 AR and the rest in his “bag” and that it is ONLY for COPS so I can maybe fix the FPS issue also ?

Did some1 tried it already, I really need some good feedback bout this script :slight_smile:


Even if you disable the gun drop from peds, you don’t get the gun in your inventory but still the script make props on your back and you can’t lose it.
If you have a lot of guns, the script “won’t” work anymore, you will still have guns on your back but you won’t be able to drop them.

But it’s lit, just make the inventory gun limit on Kg/Lbs