[Developing][Opinions] Reworked Bank robbery + difficulty and fun

Hi guys! Im reworking the Bank robbery systems using the great minigame of @zr0iq , using and reworking the barrmaskin resource, finally i got the anim cant Skip, and get all Sync for every player, doors, no múltiple tools spawning,etc

I would like get your opinion , im planning do others way to do Bank robbery like get into front the street, exploding the walls, any others idea wellcome!

The systems works fine with any esx base and any Bank and is all Sync

Here is a little video, whats is your opinion?

Updated: I no have much time to make/update resources but i updated the resource a little, including:

Configurable sites where you want hack or rob or plant a c4.

All the base banks in the holdupbank base resources are working with this system (Only PrincipalBank can be opened by planting a bomb, it be able to configure more sites)

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is FINISHED NOW, im sharing it, only to certain people under certain conditions.

What do you think about this update? do you have more ideas to make? more explosions maybe :stuck_out_tongue: ?

If you want make a donation to i can keep doing works like this you could do it here: https://www.paypal.me/Knatus

There isnt needed, only do it if you want to appreciate my work economically.

Update 30/04/2019

-minor bugs fixed

  • Now you need items for each step of a robbery:
    ->a Rasperry for hacking
    -> a 10 kg of C4 to bomb
    -> a Blowtorch to rob the bank

That NUI is pretty sick imo, wish I could do that :smiley: I suck at webdevelopment though kappa

It’s pretty cool, but the actual minigame looks too easy or, well, there is no pattern to it? Other than that, it’s a pretty sick script.

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Good job would like to see you release it :grinning:

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Well, not too easy at first times, you are be able to increase the difficulty, i just passed hundreds times testing the system xD haha thats because seems easy

edit: the Nui minigame its a public release from @zr0iq and is easy to implement in any esx or not esx systems, you can find It here

It is for a private guy , he send me the job to do a Big Rework of Bank system, i hope too he wants release it :stuck_out_tongue:

^^ Hello I saw, it’s pretty but the tablet all the server have already shared

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I didnt know , i waste a little time then :stuck_out_tongue:

do you mind posting the bank door part? Got basically the same for the large bank but would be cool to expand

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if you did it with the pacific you only need repeat the same getting the object near with name “V_ILEV_GB_VAULDR” and rotate it to emulate is open.

local obs, distance = ESX.Game.GetClosestObject('V_ILEV_GB_VAULDR', GetEntityCoords(GetPlayerPed(-1)))
local rotation = GetEntityHeading(obs) + 70 --degrees of it is facing
SetEntityHeading(obs, rotation) -- set the new facing

well, hacking ~= breaking a lock

Yep, the fun question is give multiples way to do it, i wants you can explode a wall and get into… or hack the door… maybe drill it… unlock with any magic way xd, then you need differents items to do it, c4… a drill… hacker machine… etc each of them can be crafted and have a difficulty and price to get… so… more/less risky and more/less benefits.

Thats why im asking for ideas :slight_smile:

okay this is cool good job m8

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Looks solid maybe integrate safe cracking as well for store robberies? Keep up the good work!

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Yeah, i working using all configurable options as i can, in this way you can just write in config files where you want to hack/rob, what object you wants to open/destroy/change position, i Will try too make It compatible with the Craft systems to get all the items needed for this, inclusive options if you want use required items or not, how many Range of Money you can get,etc

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For sure man looks solid, I definitely will be watching out for this resource.

Hey @Knatus53 I see you haven’t updated this thread in a while, I assume you stopped working on the project? Would it be possible for you to send me this so I could continue to work on it?

you know what would be dope… if you have this same thing but instead of the hacking… you had the safe crack locks…

Awesome resource bro!
Would you share it with us?

Hi @NoobySoft i would like to continue this work and i work on it sometimes (when i have free time :stuck_out_tongue: ) So… sorry, but i think i will keep it so i can improve it and take ideas to make and improves differents resources.

All good my guy, thank you for responding and looking forward to seeing this in the future when you feel it is ready :heart: