Dark theme or revert to old theme


Thank you!


You are still forcing a dictate on the new user. And assuming this random collection of new decisions, that has yielded overwhelming (21 to 3) negative response, will in the long term be more popular than what was before, without complaint.

Please return FiveM stock theme to default. And add light and dark theme as options in Settings.

Thank you for dark theme, it should be darker. And more black and gray. A good dark theme has no light elements to it. No white font. No light colored buttons.


How is it “forcing” when they have the option to change to a dark theme?

This is already a thing now…

Really :thinking:

Discords Dark Theme Text

Discourse dark theme text

Honestly, at this point you’re just complaining to complain…


I’ll add to this.

Windows Dark Theme Text

YouTube Dark Theme Text

No “dark” text in sight.


oh yes, i totally want that black text on a black background for extra readability obv!!! :joy:

also, ima just laugh at


Dark Theme 10/10 ! I love it !


No you’re just insulting to insult. My points remain accurate, and more importantly, not personally attacking you to prove the validity of my point.


Highly inaccurate, to be honest as we’ve proved your “points” wrong. But :man_shrugging:t2:


Closed as FiveM now has a Dark mode option that can be accesses via the Settings