Dark theme or revert to old theme



My FiveM Client has updated and it has changed to the new theme, i personally dislike this new theme but would like to create some constructive criticism.

The new theme is alright, it’s hard to read some of the texts but i wan’t to make a point. They should add a slider in the settings which means you can change back to the legacy look of the client, so it looks like it used too.

Something else that they could do is improve this theme by making the text more visible. maybe reducing the grey to something for transparent so you can read it better. Also another criticism is to enable changing the the ingame shown name in the settings, whenever i try change my name it won’t change ingame.

Hopefully my advice will get added/fixed.

Thanks, Mart475.


If you use Steam, the name used in-game will be your Steam nickname.


I know that but it would be cool if you could change it ingame in the main menu settings.


Hey guys, if i want to contribute how can i do so? Is there a github repo with the code or should i
just make a template in photoshop and see if the devs like it?


I think what would be best is to add a checkbox or simular in the settings tab and in there allow the client to enable dark mode. Then everyone gets the best of both worlds. This shouldn’t be anything too difficult given it is a html interface. I will take a look at making a pull request if i get time to possibly add this.


Well then you should, your fault for using an ancient OS.


Yes, the fivem repo. https://GitHub.com/citizenfx/fivem

Also you don’t “make a Photoshop template”. You edit the angular js project and test the changes on your fivem, then commit and PR.


You know, you could always be a bit more precise and useful… Any ways.

The actual files are located here:

The README.md also gives details on how to set up a development environment for anyone to work on the UI.




Yeah I didn’t like the new theme at all. I was more disappointed than impressed.


@IceHax thanks and i know but i’m not gonna work on it with no feedback from the community so i’m starting with the photoshop template first

@Loqrin awesome, thats exaclty what i needed, thanks!

@hallux :family_man_boy:


I have already started implementing a “dark-mode” option for the settings tab
I hope to have this done soon!


Im currently trying to test my work so far but am running into an issue does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it or suggestions where to post to get some assistance with it:


run ext\ui-build\build.cmd first to build some dependency


Thank you kindly! Was exactly what i was missing

Heres what i have so far:


A new dark them has been pushed to production btw.


Man that’s frustrating, ah well. Subject closed I guess.


You’re welcome to continue your UI changes, the collective may consider it for the future.


It was a first attempt with angular as i had never worked with it before. It was only marginally different to the one they implemented in their push other than i made the background image more visible.


Return the green color. I think it is more suitable.

Do something with the top (where the background is), the text is hard to see. Maybe make a blur and darken this area.

The background in the “Dark” theme is bright for dark. I think need to make it darker.

I do not like the top of the “Dark” theme. Make it a little lighter.

Buttons in the “server information”. Make them color without a blue tint.

I suspect that this is part of the fluent design? Fix it =) https://imgur.com/a/dukL6Ji

Some servers have a yellow background. I don’t quite understand what it is for and it looks REALLY HORRIBLE. Delet this thing pls?

On some crappy servers, resources take up half the screen, if not more. Remove this part or make it more compact. https://imgur.com/a/lH5i7DV

In general, the theme looks beautiful. (At the time of posting message, FiveM looks this https://imgur.com/a/VSuQhVK)