Dark theme or revert to old theme


The new UI looks disgusting and is too bright for most people

New theme

Well maybe try to contribute to the theme on github if it looks so disgusting, also i have had this theme now for a week and you get used to it fast.


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Please provide constructive criticism/feedback and ideas on how to improve it.

Complaining won’t make things better.


I don’t know coding so I can’t help with that and I’m not gonna be able to get used to it because I hate light themes so much


I did in the title. Make an option for a dark theme or revert to the old UI


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Alright well my post was hidden so much for giving feedback…


Probably due to the latter of the portion…keep it constructive.


I wouldn’t say the theme is disgusting. It’s a light theme, some people like these themes. The color palette does alright when you’re on the main menu but once you navigate to your server list and see orange or yellow on a whitish background it’s a bit… hard to look at.

So how to improve it… perhaps allow us to select between the old theme and the new theme in the FiveM Settings?


I personally thing its too creamy, I’d prefer it to be more “white” or maybe add the option back?


i like the new one as is, for you dark theme addicts, windows provides night light, it will remove all blue light coming from the screen at night, that way you wont stress your eyes as much.


Problem: Bright :wastebasket: game launcher

How to improve / fix the issue: Change it Back to black.


Some people like change, But for those who don’t I think we need something in the settings portion for a dark theme and have the “light” theme as default. Change will always make people mad and the developers are just trying to change things up. Changing it back to the dark theme won’t fix anything it’ll make the group of people that like the “light” theme upset as well as much as the people that like the dark theme. So i’m voting for an option for a dark theme and have the light theme as default.


See that’s fine, it’s just that the trend is going towards dark modes and to just completely take it away after having it for ever is kinda mind boggling


That doesn’t help with anything that’s just a blue light filter


Well it does for me, without it my eyes hurt, with it, it’s fine

Bright Home Page is Cancer

We aren’t all using Losedows Not a 10

We were here first. Make the eye cancer theme an option, leave the old default as default.

People see success and think it can never end, they then make radical changes that upset us grumbling few and dismiss it as only a few. Then they scratch their heads and wonder where there success went.

FiveM doesn’t take criticism well. They are right to ask for constructive suggestions.

  1. Many people game in a very dark world
  2. Most of us hate bright light worse than a vampire.
  3. Make new themes an option not a dictate.
  4. Be proud of who you are, not what you might force upon us.
  5. Mmmmm…


That’s a night mode not a dark theme, you’re talking about something completely different

FiveM Grey Main Menu