Blaine county sheriff mega pack non els



Cant get the pack to wokr?:neutral_face:


Some of the cars straight up crash when I try to spawn them and some cars have no sound to them


what year is this charger?


the .meta files have the wrong names


the models on the picture isnt made by captain14
so you know XD


Awkward. (20 characters)


None of the cars work. They CRASH my game.


Hey officerbacon,
Beware that in my server only Sheriff2 and Sheriff6 working propperly, Sheriff 3 and Sheriff4 just don’t spawn, Sheriff5 has no engine sounds and the remainder crash my FiveM upon spawn, any help would be gladly appreciated because I love this pack and don’t want to change it, thanks!


Happens to me aswell


I’m gonna try get this pack working. If I can, Ill send @officerbacon the pack or re-upload it with his permission.


It says hes suspended


Can you try get it working and send it me please


Installed this pack and have no issues at all.


i have problems with the few cars do you know why it wouldn’t work on my server ??


I installed this pack and have no problem with it. Send me your console log and any other information that may interfere with the vehicle pack.


Nice i love it when a pack Makes your game crash when spawning in anything but Sheriff2,




The owner is banned from the website sooooo


i can’t install it help me


When I have the pack in the game it wont load any car but the Sheriff2 please help am I doing anything wrong. Also when I go to spawn another car other than sheriff 2 my Lamdba trainer wount work like it wont appear and I cant spawn any other cars with the other trainer