Blaine county sheriff mega pack non els



so is that a no about helping me with my action menu?


They use them in the doj community id rather not use them in mine as I’m not the doj. Just my preference


they don’t know more


Pics ? love me pls :heart:


some pics would be nice to put up for the community to see what they r getting. We appreciate all the work but we do need some screenshots to see whats up u know :slight_smile: Having a file thats over a 100MB id personally wanna see what im downloading
Thank u


Bacon. What menu are you trying to use? Or are you building one?


action menu on fivem


ok let me try thanks


it won’t let me add pics how do i do that


I was going to try and help you. I don’t use it and it seems to be a bit more advanced for my knowledge. Sorry.


how dose one increase the brightness of the cars server sided not client?


what are you talking about


make the lights brighter so they can be seen more easy and have the reflections off walls more. i dont know how to do that and wondering how i can without editing client sided files.


Im confused as to how these cars will work when nothing was changed in vehicles.meta or carvariations.meta or is this just me?


how to convert replace cars to addon cars
im with a community and there wondering how to convert replace cars to addon cars
to have this whole sheriff pack in the server


Question for you before I bite on to these - were you able to fix the dirt mapping issues? Captain 14’s pack of Non-ELS have a dirt mapping issue on all the vehicles where they get dirty quickly and the dirt map is off.


I don’t know how to do that


The “screenshots” you added, are definetely not from the same vehicle pack.

  1. There is no 2013 Tahoe with Lightbar
    That image is from

  2. That 2016 Charger in the second picture is also from that same link, and is not in the pack

  3. That CVPI Picture has a different lightbar than the one in the pack, and is from

  4. The 2013 Tahoe with another different lightbar, is also from the link above, but still… Not in the pack.
    The pack doesn’t include any of the vehicles in the screenshots.


It was a bit misleading, because I downloaded the file thinking I’d be getting what was on the screenshots, because the First Tahoe and Charger, are pretty good looking.


What are the model names