Zap Hosting yet again never ceases to amaze!

That’s right guys!

The lovely guys over at Zap Hosting have managed to impress me YET AGAIN!!!

This time with a hard drive failure causing indefinite interruption to my game server!

High five to the folks who made the decision to monopolize the service providers to one company!!!


Seriously FiveM team - this has to stop. This company that you let represent you and your work is seriously disgraceful. Put an end to the monopoly, let other hosting providers provide servers for the community. Take royalties from them, do whatever you wish, but the fact that I am forced to stick with a horrible host is seriously disgusting. And yes, for all you zap fanboys, I could just as easily get a VPS. I prefer the simplicity of point and click server hosting.

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get over it… like really… If you do not support the decision FiveM has made, then don’t use Fivem.

And hardware failures are a part of server hosting, you have to deal with them that they can happen from time to time.


Yeah we had a hardware malfunction right now of one host. Keep in mind: we are having more than 50 dedicated hostservers for fivem right now, 49 are up for weeks without any malfunction :wink: The host will be back up during the evening. There was a failing disk, the raid is still being rebuild.
Shoot me a message, u will get a compensation of course - like everyone does on that hostserver :slight_smile:

ah yes, hard drive failure is all ZAP’s fault…

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uhm, hardware failures can happen on any host, example, yesterday one of my vpss had an ssd failure an it had to be taken down for some hours, if you don’t know this stuff, you shouldn’t really have a server.

I haven’t had any problems with Zap. It is unfortunate that the hardware malfunction affected your server, but technical problems happen and I am certain that Zap will make up for it. No matter what host you would’ve choosen with a free market there still is a chance that a hardware failure to happen; it is just unfortunate that it happened to you.


You had a hardware failure?! How dare you, that’s not allowed. We must disown you now… You’re a terrible company. /s

I am afraid some people won’t get that irony ^^ For these people: This is irony.


Just added 10€ as compensation to every customer on that hostserver (Windows_Root_003). Rebuild will take ~ 12 hours from now.

I don’t understand how people defend this company… at all.

I will give credit where credit is due - generally the support received from the company is good. Response times are generally good.

However, if my server would properly function in the first place I would not need support. Between my server not starting randomly, stopping randomly, the backup function not working, downtimes for issues like this - I simply find it unacceptable. I get they are trying, and again, I will give credit where credit is due, however I feel that this company should not be the only one to represent FiveM. I’ve owned a Cita-del server for nearly a year - with zero issues as them as a host.

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Thank you for the nice feedback about our support.

Did you already contact our support staff regarding the crash issues?
Send me ur customer ID or username by PM. I will check your server after the Hostserver is up again. I am sure we’ll get your server working 24/7. There is a reason why your server keeps crashing. We can just have a look into your screenlog (see “Logs” in our control panel) to see what caused the crash.

I have used Zap hosting for a while and it is very stable, and whenever something like this happens it is usually not their fault. Such as in your situation:

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Thank you for these kind words.

From our control panel:

Unfortunately, on this host server (Windows_Root_003) was a failure of the raid system or hard disk.
The remaining working hard disk also had some bad sectors.

We have deployed these files to a new SSD raid.
The whole thing took longer than expected because of these high amount of reading errors.
We apologize for this, you have already been compensated with 10 EUR ZAP credits.

From now on you benefit from a much faster and more stable system with a SSD raid.

Have fun playing!
Your ZAP team.

Your server is stable again, I’ve tested it ingame @JSto
Sorry for these inconvience.

I’m not a server administrator or anything, so take this with a grain of salt…

But wouldn’t it be possible to temporarily migrate all the servers on a node to a “failover node” when a hardware failure occurs? (assuming you are using RAID that allows mirroring).

Having 12 hours of downtime is a rather long period. Also I have no clue how big DC’s handle hardware failure(s).

Unfortunately, on this host server (Windows_Root_003) was a failure of the raid system or hard disk.

Also… proper english is hard;

Unfortunately the server (Windows_Root_003) has some downtime due to a failure of the raid system or hard disk.

yes, but when the remaining disk have that many read errors, also a migration would take that long. So it is the same if you change the disk and rebuild everything or migrate the servers to another hostserver.

Normaly a HDD or SSD failure won’t lead to a long downtime because we are using RAID10. When a hdd/ssd fails, we just replace it and rebuild it live. No downtime. But in this case, 2 disks failed.That does not happen very often. Of course we could use Raid5, Raid6 etc., but these raid levels do not increase write performances. We did very good experiences with these Raid10 in the past so we keep using that.

Furthermore since some months new servers will be deployed with redundant ISCSI SSD NAS, here you don’t have a downtimes, even a raid is failing. Our infrastructure will be moved to these ISCSI NAS servers from time to time.

As you see: We don’t do hosting since yesterday, we have 8 years experience in hosting an own infrastructure but cannot avoid failing disks or failing raids in every case.

You can continue keep making things bad all the time, but that won’t help and to be honest, it makes it hard for me to keep on caring about your problems and try everything to make u satisfied. Also provided u my direct discord contact, added 10 EUR as compensation and explained you very detailed, why that happened and why that will not happen again very likely. If you’re still looking for trouble you are free to rent a VPS anywhere and setup your FiveM server by yourself.


If you don’t want to go through the trouble with ZAP hosting, which in my experience is painfully slow and expensive for a service better ran off of a raspberry pi, learn basic Ubuntu server management and go with a provider such as OVH. Extremely reliable and trusted at a decent price. Have as many slots without paying a premium on useless addons which natively come with an OVH vps