Why can't I post in releases?


I am trying to upload a vehicle pack but It is not letting me, whenever i try to click it and my mouse hovers over it just has a stop icon and its greyed out. Any idea?


You need to be a regular to do so, usually if mods are awake, you can post into Discussion maybe and they move it, if marked properly.

Sorry mods.


No… this is not true… @CallowayisWeird’s account is still a basic member, he would need to post more and view more content to get the member badge. Then he’d be able to post in #development:releases

EDIT: @CallowayisWeird, create the thread and tag me, I will move it to the right spot :wink:


Can I not call those with a member badge regulars and the others normies? :cry:


No… The trust level system here on the forums goes as followed:

0 (New)
1 (Basic)
2 (Member)
3 (Regular)
4 (Leader)


So do I create a thread and just tag you?


Yesss, then I will move it to the right category for you


Cant I just get a member role and then post it? I see no point in creatic a topic and then having a moderator do it every time


Like I said, you’d have to view more content here on the forums and you’d also have to post a bit more in order to gain the badge…

Also, I’m not a moderator. I’m a regular. Regulars have the power to move topics.


Huh. Alright, ill post it right now.


Just make a new thread in #general-discussion and tag me, then I’ll move it for ya


Actually, I just realized what time it is, I gotta go to sleep. Ill post it tommorow and tag you here and send you the link.


hopefully you found out this fix, and have gotten post now