WhiteHouseRP | Realistic RP | CAD System


Discord https://discord.gg/xvcBekJ
The server name = type in new White House rp
Ip for server IP :

Looking for a good realistic new fresh start on a server come join Whitehouse RP we allow everything but they rules eg. No RDM / VDM (ext) also we do very realistic rp sence like president escorts and gang attivity . So if u want a server that u can rp and have fun join us and we will be more than happy to make u apart and feel welcome to are cummunity .

We also have the president role which is a new thing that other servers don’t have and I have come up with , it is that the president can change laws and more eg . No guns . And if things came to Sirous matters they could be 2 presidents one of the north one off south and they would be a border put in place


Anyone want to know anything just post down below


You still a Community?