Which vps hosting is the best to rent right now?

I want to know since all this issues going on which are the list of the allowed hosting server pages to rent for GTA t that are not blacklisted

Every VPS/Dedicated server hosting is allowed as long as it doesn’t advertise FiveM or preconfigured as FiveM server.

If you want a gameserver than you can only choose for Zap-hosting

which plan do you recomend me ? @Systematic

Something with 4GB or higher! VPS should be good!

That one?

Woah, that is a dedicated server. this is more than good!

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Yeah but are you sure that website is not blacklisted from FiveM?

10TB of traffic will be problematic though.

Why do you know any website or what can I do?

I am 100% sure. They don’t even know what FiveM is!

Ok Im talking with them but 10 tb traffic now idk whats the situacion now hahha if is good or bad

More than enough.

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Depends on your operation I suppose. I have a lot of custom cars and maps on my server so a lot of bandwidth is being transferred every month. I average around 35-50TB of data month to month, now this is combined bandwidth so both up+down, not sure how that company does their metered bandwidth, if it’s both directions or just one way, whatever way that is. I mean, worse case scenario, you get charged for overages or get it temporarily suspended if you do go over.

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That is a awful lot of data O_o
But I guess you run a bigger server.

Yes, but I also have a dedicated box with multiple vm’s on it that run my website, teamspeak, exchange server, internet radio station for my fivem server, and some other services as well so it’s not STRICTLY fivem server data, but the bulk of it is. It’d say at least 90% of the traffic is without having to sift thru the data to find exact numbers.

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