What is the resource limit?



As in the title, I am wondering what is the current resource limit for fivem?

If there is one, is there a way to delete it?



Because right now I have 53 working.

I am installing some custom vehicles, with files as vehicles.meta etc. Not sure how to compile them into 1 pack, as I am new to this.


I’ve seen servers with over 122+ active resources. I’m not suggesting that’s a good thing but considering that server was pretty active all the time they probably managed it alright.


Oh ok :). I checked the gameconfig.xml yesterday after posting this. The limit is 250 resources currently.


I run a private server with over 120 resources plus dozens of replacement cars bundled in one resource and its running fine. However my gpu uses about 3.6gb of vram. I think a 2gb card would struggle at this point.