What do you want to see next!


Hey everyone. I decided to pick my ass off the floor and be active again so here I am. I have worked to become a better developer and I have more skills now!
What do you want to see out of the following?

  • BCSO DOJ Pack
  • Highway Patrol DOJ Pack
  • DOJ Fire Vehicles
  • DOJ Vehicle Lock
  • DOJ Civilian Pack
  • DOJ Sheriff Ped

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[release] lspd pack (dojrp **official**) 2.0 update - doj offical vehicles

Cant wait to see what you guys want!


Harrison you are the best man that ever lived!


I doubt that but thanks anyway :slight_smile:


i mean i guess the second. i guess obama was the first :rofl:


I voted lock because #nomorevehiclespackswithdojskins


Lol. You are funny. People want it so I provide it.


Results are final! Release schedule is as follows:
DOJ Sheriff Ped: 11/10 at 8 PM EST
DOJ BCSO Pack: 11/11 at 11:11 AM EST
DOJ Vehicle Lock Script: 11/12 at 8 PM EST
DOJ Civilian Pack: 11/16 at 8 PM EST
DOJ Fire Vehicles: 11/18 at 10 PM EST
DOJ Highway Patrol Pack: 11/22 at 8 PM EST


where the fire vehicles?


Forgot to add to the list. 1 moment to fix.


You know making a vehicle pack doesn’t make you a developer right?


But scripts does. (20char)


What’s the vehicle Lock Script?


@Mr.Camptastic heres my guess but i dont really know. i believe its just so you can lock you car and unlock it.


@austin_O_Civ-1_I-001 Ahh ok


Absolutely correct :slight_smile:


What does that even mean? I haven’t seen you do any scripts.


@Harrison_M Are there any other goodies your going to be releasing?


What happened to the sheriff ped?


his site perms are on hold will be a while.