What are some good specs for a VPS to run a FiveM Server?


So I’m currently have a FiveM server with GTX Gaming, It’s good but i want to use a windows VPS so i can also setup up a teamspeak3. I’ve heard some people say that you don’t need a very powerful system and I’ve had people saying they have 8GB of ram in their VPS. So i don’t really know what I need. I’m looking to host in Australia if you have any good links but i really just need the specs required. Thanks.



I used to run a 32 slot drift server with about 100 modded cars on that cheapest VPS, worked great.

EDIT: Just noticed you want windows, the one i linked is linux, costs few more £££ to go with windows.


If all you want is teamspeak 3, you do not need a Windows server. You can install a teamspeak 3 server in linux