This is a minor and maybe even silly feature request. But is it possible to change the watermark logo/icon to either the FiveM logo or the :mascot:? Currently it’s a variety of emoji’s such as a leaf, fire or sushi.
I feel this will positively contribute to the image of FiveM, the Collective and create a stronger corporate identity for FiveM.
As much as I love the :mascot:, personally I’d prefer the FiveM logo as it will look professional. But perhaps having both, one time :mascot: and the other time the FiveM logo would be the most ideal.


Random generated emoji logo

Potential end result:

FiveM logo



Snail for the win!!




FiveM logo looks professional, but :mascot: for the win still hehe.


Snail of this font is traitor!


The emoji is dependent on your local time atm, so they will change depending on the time :stuck_out_tongue:



if you really want to dig I know for a fact its changeable you just got to know where to look and know some coding and you should be fine :slight_smile:


Wouldnt it be against the TOS if you changed or removed that logo?


I don’t think they care if you change a tiny little watermark to the mascot of fivem :stuck_out_tongue:


i mean, if its a copyright watermark they would care, guess it depends.