vSync (v1.4.0) | Simple weather and time sync


I replied this before but since then my attempts to do it made me no longer able to change weather, I want to be able to make admins able to change weather/time yet after attempting to do this it would seem I have effectively done so yet my FX server doesn’t seem to think I am the admin/owner. I would like to have it work via either Steam Hex and/or IP. please help


I’m not sure what’s wrong then, works fine for me. Something server side is probably wrong with the event.

Well, simply add your identifiers (ip, steam, license whatever) in the admins list…?


yeah no same thing here, script just doesnt work lol nothing changed just stopped working a couple of days ago


Yeah same for you, need more info if you want me to have a chance of solving it.


Would i be able to slow down time and have it Cycle for longer?


Nope, not with vSync. vMenu does have that feature built in though. I pretty much don’t update this resource anymore, all new features are in vMenu anyway, which is an improved version of vSync.


I’ve been using this for a month now and i’m loving this in general. I would really suggest getting this in your server, because it has a easy installation and simple permission setup. Cool Script Vespura!


Hey, how do I get the steam identifier to myself have permissions to time, weather and other things like that? Which one is it off of https://steamidfinder.com/lookup/Lock_Down_Cobra/


There are multiple ways to figure out what your identifiers are.

There are other ways of getting identifiers, but this list just sums up the easiest ways to get them.


I’ve been having an issue that the lights flicker, I viewed it on another pc and it did the same. No error code just annoying Light flickering in game. Any idea on whats going on?


Use google, or use ctrl + f on this topic and you’ll find this has been answered a million times.


I cant change weather on the server
and i am admin


Then you’re not an admin according to vSync. Make sure you use your correct identifier and set it up correctly in vSync


On my Server the Sky is flickering white when the weather changes to rain or an admin changes it manually. Using the newest version. Hope you can help.


I am having the same lights flickering issue as someone above, I have used control+f to search the topic and the only thing mentioned about lights flickering is someone above, I have also used google aswell to search for a solution on this issue and there is nothing to be found to resolve this issue…


Yea. Didn´t find a solution on google aswell.


Here you go guys. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do to make it even easier…


Yeah. I already saw this but it’s not only for me but for every user. And I don’t really have any other weather script. Can you name some other?


:expressionless: no I can’t name “some other”. I don’t know what resources you’re using and I won’t dig through every single resource to figure out if it modified weather or time. That’s the responsibility of the server owner to figure out and not use 300 scripts where you don’t even know what any of the resources do.


I did not expect you to take a look at my resources. Just wanted to know if there are some scripts like yours which mange it. But it’s ok if you dont want to.