[VRP] Identification error!



This topic is dedicated to fix [VRP] Identification error! Nothing else should be on this thread!


Ah man :frowning: I love when people hijack threads
No but seriously it appears this has already been fixed

Oh btw, I found this in like 5 minutes but I do understand why you made this thread. It was not fun searching through several thousand posts in both of the vRP threads but you’re basically doing the same on a larger scale.


How do you fix i don’t know anything about vRP and so on. I have tried downloading the map and replacing it with the one i already have but it didn’t work do you know a guide of some sort? Thanks for the help!


Try updating to the latest version of vRP, make sure your database is setup properly. And do NOT use the psycho version of anything just use the actual vRP.


I am going to ask this. Please don’t shoot me for asking this. I am having a problem where 2 people from the same IP enter the vRP and its only loading 1 person. I have added the lines from the “add_identifier” fix. But that didn’t fix it. The same IP’s are trying to use the same ID on the database. Like I said I did put that line in. I have searched on Dunko’s and the orginal ImagicTheCat’s vrp and they only refer back to ImagicTheCat’s fix. But its not working. Or I have done something wrong. I am going with #2. But either way its still not letting 2 people join. Its actually me and my wife trying to join our server. We are using the same internet. I have tried a vpn and no luck. Again I have tried searching this out and not having any luck trying to find a solution. Anyone have any idea on what to do? Thanks.


To file … vrp / base.lua:


to file /vrp/cfg/base.lua:

Thats the normal code in the /vrp/cfg/base.lua:

cfg.ping_timeout = 5 -- number of minutes after a client should be kicked if not sending pings

cfg.lang = "en"

and that should be a new code /vrp/cfg/base.lua:

cfg.ping_timeout = 5 -- number of minutes after a client should be kicked if not sending pings

-- identify users only with steam or ros identifiers (solve same ip issue, recommended)
-- if enabled, steam auth should be forced in the FiveM server config
cfg.ignore_ip_identifier = true

cfg.lang = "en" 


I get this error and it is already set to cfg.ignore_ip_identifier = true yet it still kicks me and i just download vrp today so it’s not an old version


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