VPS: Client times out after 15 seconds (ZapHosting)


Hi guys,

I had a game server at ZapHosting, since they are the only official provider. Now we’ve upgraded to a VPS for better performance.

Now the problem is that every single client is getting “Timed out after 15/10 seconds” error.
No errors in console, just ‘Player disconnected’.

I’ve even tried running vRP framework in debug mode, no errors.
Firewall has been put to sleep, DDoS protection turned off.

Anyone here with suggestions? @zap-hosting

On top of that, I find it weird that Zaphosting wont cancel our gameserver, now that we are actully upgrading to a “higher tier” product. So now we are paying for an entire month for the game-server, for no reason. :thinking:


I do not recommend using a VPS from us for FiveM serverhosting. The most stable solution for FiveM gameserver is a Linux FiveM Server on a premium host with own IP from us. I will send a PM to you.

Peoole is timing out 24/7 (IS IT ZAP?)

i can refund your products to ZAP credit to book a Linux FiveM Gameserver (we released Linux FiveM some days ago) for you. This is the most stable solution for FiveM.


We’d like to have insight and control with a VPS.
Your timeouts on idle with SQL and FTP drives me crazy :roll_eyes:

I’d like to get refund for the Gameserver, and then figure out what is going on with the VPS connection.


I’ve even tried reinstalling the entire server.
Also tried unloaded every single resource.

Same timeout error.


we cannot support configuring a FiveM server on a VPS. The best way is a Linux Premium FiveM Gameserver from us. It is stable and you have a control panel. I can switch your server if you want.


I’d rather want a full refund to be fair. Please refund the VPS, and cancel the next month the game server.
(Not in ZapCoins)

A ticket has also been made on your site for this.


How can such an amateur company still be the official server host?

  • I do not get it!


so true, make you own sevrer, much cheaper ! haha :’)


why you book a VPS from us while we are the official FiveM provider and offer FiveM server directly?

@mickeygeecom send u a PM regarding this please :slight_smile:
@_n0X just created an account for that post? Mhm…


Finally @zap-hosting was willing to refund our VPS, after multiple support tickets, and a message here on the board.

On top of that they also offered one month free of charge to test their new FiveM servers based of linux.
I have denied that for now.


Thanks for that reply. We reconsider our refund policy right now.

If you change your mind, feel free to contact me at any time.