[Vehicle Release] 2013 Chevy Tahoe - Non ELS - ELS Style Pattern



File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NaR8efdTlI5XyGtiQEJKwT3lTpjZVHK-

Please use proper credits when using this in your server, do not edit your carcols or you may end up messing the carcols up.

Model Progress - 75/100 [Still a WiP ]

Personal Note:
This model is only a all blue version, I do not plan on making red and blues but maybe will make a more in depth model in the future. And the car is based off of my county where I live

Check this page for more updates of the tahoe, but thanks for downloading enjoy my vehicle.

Ignore my bad FiveM posting skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Screenshots (I plan on taking more, ignore my crappy graphics xD

If your rambar lights are like hanging down, do not worry I am fixing that!


We these days require pic/vid before anything…
If u don’t mind

Thank You


Haha, I’ll make some screenshots :smiley: [Edit: there ya go]


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What year is it supposed to be?


2013??? like posted





Reason your front lights aren’t working, bc you have extra2-5 selected, one of those between. It just gives it a traffic ad-visor effect I guess xD


@Director-INSAN1TY discord me brah?


Ya pm me

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I like the fact that you decided to use Hurk’s template for a non-ELS vehicle. Great choice of a DEV model, it adds variety to the non-ELS world. Keep up the great work!


Thanks mate :smiley: I plan on doing more with his vehicles


Thanks to all the people whom downloaded my vehicle! Will have some DoJ based vehicles getting released soon :stuck_out_tongue: “EDIT: Not that I wanna copy DoJ, but I know some people want those BCSO cars”


Also, sorry for bumping. V1.01 will be released this week, added in

  • Fixing the wig wag issue through the vehicle
  • Adding some more extras to the vehicle
  • Adding a dash light at the front of the vehicle