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Utah Law started off at humble beginnings merely 5 days ago, and since then we’ve gained over 40 members thanks to our wonderful staff team and playerbase. From the start we’ve striven to provide the best Lag Free user experience possible. Our Staff Members Strive to give every user the best and friendliest time on our server. Always striving to keep our members happy.

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  1. Utah Highway Patrol
    -Currently Needs [Captains, LT’s, SGT’s, and Troopers]
    (Col: Mike E.)

  2. Utah County Sheriff
    -Currently Needs Deputies and Command Staff
    (Sheriff: Steve S.)

  3. Salt Lake City Police
    Coming Soon

  4. Salt Lake City Fire Department
    Coming Soon


  • Fully Custom Skinned Vehicles

  • Non-Els

  • Full Time Staff and Devs

  • Constant New Features Tailored to the Community’s needs and wants

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  1. Our Server is in development. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing does it? We want our server to be based off of what you, the community want. So join and help us grow, help shape the server how you want it to be.

  2. Teamspeak is only used by Certified Civilians, Staff and LEO’s

Finally, Lets get down to buisiness.

Discord: Utah Law Discord
Forums: UtahLawRP.net
Cad: UtahLawRPCad




Fixed the typo, Thanks for brining it to my attention.


I’m the Capitan Now :joy:


bump. Gaining members, development is going well. We expect to have everything done with Sheriff and Utah Highway patrol by the end of the week.


BUMP. So after around a month of inactivity, We’re finally back. Utah Highway Patrol fleet is done!. And looking good. Utah County Sheriff is completed aswell looking for a Sheriff. We desperately need staff. Feel free to join using the discord link above.

psst… thats not photoshop, thats the actual billboard


Slowly growing, looking for more players and staff, join above.


Starting a patrol at 5:30PM EST, join for RP!


Patrol went amazing yesterday, had sever good scenes, It would be nice to have some more people join for our patrol tonight at 7:00PM!


This is by far the best server I have been on! The management is great and hard workers! Everything in our community is unique to us and we are constantly creating more and more custom things to add to the server to make us stand out and be diverse! Come Join today!


After Tedious work and effort, we debuted an entirely new fleet for UHP, looking modern sleek and aggressive. Join today for our patrol at 6:30PM, EST. We’re looking for staff, troopers and deputies!


We found an experienced and fit sheriff to fill the title, We’re still looking for Deputies, Troopers, and people willing to grow with the community. Our Server is based on what the community wants, We’re starting our patrol today at 6:00PM Est. Come Join, Apply, Have fun!