Using Voice Changer in FiveM ( for RP )


I’m wondering that can we use voice changer program in FiveM? And if we use do we get ban?

You can use any voice changer you’d like as they don’t inject into FiveM. In other words, no, you will NOT be banned.

However some severs wont like it so maybe you will get banned on them. FiveM doesnt ban someone globally for voicechanger however…
like dopet said

What kind of voice changer can I use? Can you please say one that is compatible for FiveM?

Any voice changer. Voice changers manipulate your microphone, not an application.

Ohh, thanks mate

yes they just re-route the audio devices (in/out) … see the help of your particular software for details on setting it up with your games, or teamspeak

not just “voice changers” but also apps like VoiceMeter Banana which can drastically improve the quality of your in-game voice (think radio DJ voice) and give you a lot more control over your audio, used by many streamers.

however, if you mean a “character” voice (or changing gender) do check your particular servers rules before using it on a server as many servers explicitly dis-allow this!

In my opinion you should not be banned if a light voice effect is used. You can use Voice Maker from Voicemod, for example.