Updater.fivereborn.com is not responding


Either you are updating your game or my wifi is just cancer.
Is there any way to fix this, when I launch my game it says.

I have tried to change my internet to an external booster but it still does not work.
Please help or update your game already c:


Yeah i am getting the same error


Same here, we need a way to start the client without check the version.


same here… Houston we have a problem.


They are most probably updating the game for once
Maybe they can fix the crashing…
If so that would be a miracle…


must be an update or something… wish these guys had a twitter or facebook or something to notify people when these things are coming up


same alt text


S siri 4 minutes ago
PROGRESS REPORT needs updating. You better be updating or fixing your servers. Because at the moment, the updater is down.

Update they gave


yes same for me