Up for hire as a Dispatcher!



You need a dispatcher? Well, you came to the right place. I am up for hire for any good community that would like a dispatcher or is in need of a dispatcher. I prefer servers that have a MDT/Cad System, but to hire me your server does not need one. I would like a community that does not have to many dispatchers so I can have more time to dispatch for any community that hires me as their dispatcher. Thank you for taking your own time to read this post.

~ Joseph
EDIT: I am not dispatching anymore, sorry.


Hey, Joseph B! I’m from SFJRP we’re in dire need of more dispatchers and we’d be HAPPY to take you! We do have a CAD/MDT (little bugs, still getting worked) – We’re also getting a NEW online cad soon.

Our website: http://www.sfjrp.com/
Our discord: https://discord.gg/WtSCzp (You will be put into #recruit_chat and won’t be able to see all the members on the discord)

We’d love to have you as another dispatcher as we don’t have very many!


hey man

i could use a good dispacher on my server. However no rush on it you need to check ur options first of course.
However i do belive that a bit of a chat on discord or Teamspeak will lean you our way.
Anyways cheers man


Hey XDRONE, read your messages on the FiveM Forum Messages.


Hey @Joseph_Briscoe,

Dunning County Roleplay is also in need of a Dispatcher that knows what they are doing,

If you would like to test out of Cad/MDT just pm me and I can make give you access,

Website: www.dunningcounty.com

CAD/MDT Website: www.dcrp-cad.com

Teamspeak: ts.dunning.co

Feel free to PM me on the forums or jump on our teamspeak!

And don’t think you need to decide straight away as I am sure that there are going a lot of requests, thanks for reading,



Hey @Joseph_Briscoe

You should join City Of V.
We are a serious whitelist RP clan, we have custom mods a cad as well as many other things.
you can apply at: http://cityofv.com
This is our ad if you would like to go through it.


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A new Fivem community accepting every position with Doj CAD/MDT, M menu (with radar) https://discord.gg/QtaeKhs




Hey, I own a community called Rise Community Role Play. We have a few custom scripts and a completely custom created CAD/MDT for our community. If you seem interested go ahead and see our post here : Rise Communnity | Working CAD/MDT | Recruiting Departments | Need Staff | Serious RP

James H. (Director of RCRP)


East Coast RP has been serving the public since early 2016, Having a place where people get together is one thing. Having a community that is built on the love of gaming is another. Most importantly a fan base of people watching and enjoying our content. This is your chance to further yourself and become apart of the future.

We have DOJ’s Exact CAD/MDT, DOJ’s Tool Menu,DOJ’s Radar

Openings for ALL roles, All EMS spots,Civilian.

Patrols Daily

Looking for DEVS(To make scripts,Cars,Skins,Peds,Models,etc…)

Everyone is welcome (Age 13 or older, Its the law)

Discord: https://discord.gg/QtaeKhs


We need a Dispatch Director for our Server!!



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