Unable to load resources in /resources subdirs


Hi there guys,

I’ve read that resources can be loaded in a subdir and I’ve even seen it done before(loading ESX resources in an [ESX] folder, for instance. I’m finding myself unable to do the same, however.

I converted a car for use in FiveM and the folder is named db11scpd so I dropped it in /resources/addoncars then started db11scpd in server.cfg. I deleted cache and restarted.

“Couldn’t find resource”

I moved it up to resources folder, deleted cache and started again. This time it started the resource without issue.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks for your time!


To regroup your resources in a directory you must add brackets around the name as such : [addoncars]. Else the server will understand the directory as a resource


Thanks so much for your help!