[UK] California Police RP | Hiring All Departments | ELS | Custom Cars | LAPD, LASD, LAFD, CHP | https://discord.gg/pvtNmUA



CPRP | California Police RP

We are a small police roleplay community in FiveM.
We are currently hiring all departments (LAPD, LASD, LAFD, CHP) and we are also looking for Staff.
We hope our community can grow and we are looking forward to improve our server !
For more information join our Discord-Server
NOTE - We are currently not looking for a custom CAD/MDT or a Website


  • Serverside Emergency Lightning System
  • Custom Police Vehicles
  • Local Player Blips are disabled
  • RPDeath Script
  • Realistic Vehicle Failure Script
  • Bank Robbery Script
  • Fuel Script

IP :

Hope well see you there !


Screenshot of your guys content?


I can send you some images of our costum vehicles, but please note we are just a very small RP community with only a couple of players. We are currently still searching for members.


Post has been updated. I uploaded some pictures.


what do you use for your lighting? on your police vehicles


We use the Serverside Emergency Lightning System

I suggest that you install a custom visualsettings.dat !