Trouble with donation rewards


Hi there I don’t know if anyone else had this problem with donating but I donated over 14 hours ago and I haven’t received my perks if anyone knows the solution please tell me.


You forum title says “Element club Arguntum” so do you see in that your keys got the powers?


How do I register my server
And where do I see all the rewards I get


You can see your rewards on Patreon.

If you use ZAP hosting, go to the keymaster linked earlier and create a key. Put this in the custom license key section on your ZAP control panel.

If you have already created and use a key from keymaster, you won’t have to do anything.


Where is the lisense key thing in zap


For exact location you’d have to ask ZAP hosting.


Ok cool thanks


How do i get EUP


It’s a resource on the forum. Use the search function.