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@BrassMonkey, I’m going to assume you’re still working on this post…

Only pasting the template, and not filing it out will make it kinda hard to assist you.

Edit: Much better :rofl:

As far as that goes, I’m not 100% sure you’re able to do that? Seeing how you’d have to disable/not allow certain spelling errors. I mean, maybe? If you were to make a resource that looks for certain misspelled words (of course, you’d have to tell it what to look for). Maybe someone else will be able to help you further!


It’s possible, just probably really complex more popular servers or servers with really good “scripters” have done this. Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:


I can think of the following way to handle this:

  1. Check if a message starts with /
  2. If it does, check if it DOESN’T match known commands
  3. If it doesn’t, cancel the event. Otherwise do nothing.

Not sure how practical that approach is, but imo the effort to do this is pointless.


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