This week in FiveM: August 29th, 2018



Loving the update threads each week, even if there isn’t much to say or show, it shows that the team is active which is really nice!
People complaining about the lack of 64 slots need to understand that this is a mod, not a retail product. People are putting their own time and effort into this to provide an alternative experience for GTA V, please for the love of god respect what we already have and show your support for the future!


I can’t wait to see the more slots for Servers. However tho i feel as all the hard work that everyone at FiveM is doing to release it is costly. I would prefer if for say that if you get done with OneSync that you make it so in order to get more then 32 slots you must pay a monthly donation. Why you might ask. FiveM has got bills to pay & it should rely on Money coming in instead of them taking money out of their own pockets.

For instance you can include the ability to have more slots into your Patreon which would seem much better. Just like if you want Color in your server name you must donate.


I’ve never seen someone ask to have to pay for something before, interesting…


Why should it be FREE. If i spent a lot of time working on something that a lot of players want why be FREE. Look at it like this. Say you own FiveM. And its you taking time away from your Friends, Family, Other Work, Etc to get something done. Shouldn’t you make something off it. Plus if it was paid FiveM would make more money & they could put that into something big. They could use that money to make things better for FiveM.


If it’s a core feature of FiveM, plus there would be a lot of drama if FiveM made people pay.


I somewhat agree with what your saying. In some eyes it maybe a Core Feature but its not necessary that everyone has it. Yes allowing everyone to be able to have say 64 slots is amazing. But not necessary that everyone should have that many slots. As far as drama goes people would either A: Get over it (If it was paid to have more slots) or B: Go somewhere else (Even tho there isn’t somewhere else)

Also you must understand that the way OneSync is similar to describing a DLC. Not everyone needs it. I’m just voicing my opinion. But what i am trying to say is FiveM should be trying to find ways to make money to pay for new features. Are you saying that you don’t want new Content for FiveM. I mean like the content for FiveM takes time & money. And that they deserve something more. Now i’m not saying that it should be like $50 to get OneSync access. No But like a Simple $5 a month goes a long way.

I’m not trying to seem like a bad guy or stupid or whatever you guys call it these days. I’m just trying to state that i would like to see new things here & if it meant paying a monthly Subscription to get new content & get it here sooner yeah i would pay it.


thrn why make it open source in the first place if they have to make it this way they should do it closed source and bug fixing would be less quick and much more painful


Either way, I doubt it’s gonna happen because a lot of people would call FiveM a rip off and move to worse alternatives.


I disagree.
Already the team gets enough crap from people for not having OneSync out already, but then for them to say that it comes with a price premium would just be ridiculous.
Its a mod for a game and the mod is already free much like many other mods.
Yes, the mod has monthly ongoing costs, but thats what comes with a project like this. Plus, Patreon and other donations help with this.
Not to mention I doubt a it would go down well with Take-Two if they FiveM had a price premium for OneSync.


In my opinion they should be trying to focus on development, instead of thinking about getting money. There’s already a patreon page for support, I doubt having OneSync as a paid option would be a good idea, especially considering T2 wouldn’t like it very much.


lol, some people are talking about IdentityRPG (They’re moving towards that game and saying "FiveM lied to us :frowning:, they were about to release OneSync 3 months ago). But please for god’s sake if you want to just change your platform don’t talk about Identity, FiveM delayed almost 3 months, Identity delayed for a year.


they were about to release OneSync 3 months ago

That’s such bullshit, they never said they we’re going to release 1s on a given deadline. Most people misinterpreted “the goal is H1” as “it will be released before the end of H1”. They never concretely said they will be releasing it then. Now people get butt hurt because they lack reading comprehension.


I know that, but first of all the main point of my post wasn’t the release date. Second, I was just quoting this “3 months” from the guy who I wanted to reply. I want to say even stupid guys don’t choose worse instead of bad!


I think with as much complaining people do they could atleast take the time to find something to contribute rather than complain about. If you are aware of the issues help. Not complain… These guys are doing a kick ass job! Thank you FiveM Devs!



You can disable scripthook already.


and yet it can still be bypassed


Every game can be hacked, bypassed etc. And this is a FREE modification which people work on in their SPARE TIME. They can’t just magically stop every injector and bypass.


yeah… but dropping support of a plugin that is not even used should be helpful i think


It’s used by a lot of people… A lot of people use lambda menu, steering wheel support etc


I tell everyone the same thing. The project is open source. Go and clone the project to your computer. Write the code to block injectors and push the code. Having an anti-cheat for an open source project is hard to do because people can just look at their patch and bypass it again. You as a server owner (if you are a server owner) are responsible for the users that play on your server.