This week in FiveM: August 29th, 2018



That is a fat essay. But really explains alot for people



I wish they would have 250slots or more then 32 max slots any way, as its sooo annoying having more then 1 server for your community…


Well thats how it is if you read the post


Yeah I know lol (20 characters shit limit!)


will OneSync drop support of scripthook? this would stop modders for some time


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plot twist: onesync tests started in january and the source was publicly released the first of april, so yeah nice try, but no.


:joy::joy::joy: some people don’t get it lol


also, what? fivem isnt a business nor is it trying to “make money”… all the donations go to support the project…


a GTAV mod framework compared to a random RPG??? wtf ?


maybe he thinks that fivem is only for rp, like many deceived people do.


Love the work, keep it up CFX team


If they had more slots the the original GTAV has it would cause the server and the clients game to break completely.


yep, same people who call fivem GTA:RP…

  1. Hybrid CAD is being created.
  2. PIS is being created.


FiveM not for only RP? Good joke.


Is your store “that’s coming soon” going to be filled with stuff that will break the ToS?.



Would the public todo list be for contributors to help or simply to show what’s planned and being worked on? Either way it would be nice :smiley:


Jesus Christ. You sure do have some special kind of way of looking at the world.


An entire post to tear down FiveM? No, it appears you made this post only to advertise. Transparent much?