Thin Blue Line RP community. Recruiting open


Thin Blue Line. On one side of the line we have the citizens of our city. A fine mix of people.
Some prefer to live their lives legal, work hard and be known as a person who is there for fellow citizens and friends in times of need and helping those new to the city. Some prefer the middle ground mixing the traits and personalities of legal and illegal. There for friends, offering help to those who perhaps are looking for information pertaining to jobs both legal and illegal. They may understand the risk and reward of doing illegal activities and choose to do them from time to time. Other times they may feel as though they are being marked or watched so then turn to the legal ways of society in hopes of blending in again. And then there are those who live solely by the illegal ways of life. Creating families or gangs with the sole purpose of making as much money as possible and also making a name for themselves within the secret illegal world within our city.

Whatever your choice may be understand the eyes of the law will be on you. Our law enforcement agency is a finely trained group of people who understand how all sides work. Legal, middle ground and illegal. Regardless of which life you choose you break a law they will be sure you pay the proper price and time in jail. Perhaps though you can bribe them? Important information as trade for leniency. Maybe a illegal operations location.
Whatever it may be BUT understand that is a chance you take because they may not care for your information and thus bribery will be added to your charges.

Our EMS is quick and responsive and had seen it all as far as injuries and such. They are good at what they do and will see to it you receive the proper care needed to heal you up and get you back to living life.

We also have a Mayor whose job is to see to it that citizens voices are heard. To consider opinions and suggestions to make our city better. To hear both sides of the story and not choose sides until both sides are heard and discussed. His job is also to recognize those who take pride in their work as well as in the city. Raises for work performance will be given if someone shows they are good at what they do and a loyal worker.
Also his job is to recognize those in the city who handle situations well. Perhaps those people will be offered a position on the government of our city.

On a OOCish note we are still a very new community and server thus meaning we will be fine tuning things, adding things in and perhaps taking things away. We want to stand out from the rest of the servers. We will consider suggestions and we have a voting panel for everything we do, add or remove. We don’t just do what we want, we vote. As said we do have trained EMS and PD but we see the importance of making our community feel like a community. We understand the importance of it and we strive to keep the community upfront as far as changes, votes and things such as that and in the loop. We also are trying to keep things very realistic to real life yet having that middleground understanding it is not real life so with certain things we are more lenient, perhaps costs of things and job payouts will be a bit higher then what real life would offer and more easily obtained. We are ofcourse a RP server but everyone likes to have nice toys. It adds to the RP. Other things we are a bit tougher on and reason being is so people don’t become rich instantly. A example is illegal work. Most of the illegal jobs will not be able to be done unless a certain amount of officers are on. Not all of them but most of them. I hope this entices you to join our Discord and please if you do say hello so we know who you are and can welcome you. And ofcourse we look forward to having you as a member of our RP community. I hope to cross paths with you all in RP.

Mayor Johnny Hampster