The OneSync EAP and you


hi, I bought the patreon argentum. They should give me a license key but I do not know where to find it. if someone can kindly help me I would be grateful


Same old


So we are running a 64 server today, and after about 2 hours the Voice just stopped wokring, have any idé why? There was no crash or anything so i have no more information then that


Already known


That’s incorrect. there is voice in, just not updated. i was talking about it stop working just randomly, but i figured out that it was our side it seams like.

I know it is cause we are using it right as we speak, thanks for trying to help tho :slight_smile:


Only 1 person on the server if anyone else join they get a seven-purple-lion error :confused:
Other time it just will keep loading?


that just spammed a lot of cmds thanks…


All of these “big rp servers” that take in plenty of donations should have no problem affording the Patreon donation, in fact, many of them (if they have a colored background) already have access to the OneSync Prototype.


@MrRedNeck Make sure you dont have frfuel script enabled , this script wont allow people to join ur server ,FrFuel generates a jerry can for all gas stations. You can turn this off in the config. If you do so, you should be good to go, and always check loops as well on ur scripts



Are you on windows, linux or are you using zap-hosting? Also what commands?


hello, I just launched my server in 64 slots and after a few minutes the voice chat was disabled while everything worked.


Voice chat is now there in OneSync but still has bugs.


Do you use ESX Voice? i figured out that our esx Voice was causing it was i had to disable distance change to get it to be fixed. Also if it happens you can go into settings and turn of and on voice and it usually works again(for us)


Also i don’t have any dump or anything for this as i’m not getting any even with procdump or what it was called.

But as soon as we have AI on the server, the server can’t stay sable, it works for a while then the FXServer.exe stops working. When i turn it down it works for longer and when i turn it off, it’s stable, any idés? as of why this is the case?


what dose this mean?




Can confirm that also. Console will crash at random times when AI are active


this displays to me when I try to enter the server after adding onesync



Exactly what it says…manually granted access to the OneSync EAP.