The OneSync EAP and you




is there any news for invisible vehicle problems? thank you


This briefly-appearing issue should be resolved as of now.




concerning phone calls they are no longer functional is normal? ^^ sorry for my repeated questions


Hello i have modify all my server to put it in 64 slots with esx and there some blips on the map have not name and i can’t give item to other player with my inventory
thank you


I am pritty sure as it says up there in the orignal post that there is no voice at all ingame right now anyone can correct me if im wrong


we’re infamous with our money :slight_smile: When will the timeout issue be corrected ?


Hi everyone.

Is there any way to log properly linux build crash ?


Can you help me with some information about where can I apply. Cheers !


You’re already eligible.


Keeps crashing…


That’s unfortunate. With this information nobody can fix/repro it so :man_shrugging:


Ye crashing for us to, we get FXServer.exe stopped working, this is the only dump file we got today from our 4 crashes. I don’t know if it helps at all but ye, that’s the only thing i can provide in here right now as it’s not giving us anymore then that, the other issues we had was on our side and was fixed.

The other day we got our server up to 61/64 players before it crashed.

85078ebf-d6f0-42a5-a101-ff0c7fef5538.dmp (2.0 MB)


Hm, this dump doesn’t seem to be including much in the ways of useful information as to the cause of the crash.

Can you set up procdump to catch unhandled exceptions, perhaps?


Sure i do that, and then we’ll do another test on the server today probably, see what i can get from it, thanks for the response.


How do I get a license or key to use the 64 slots?


Please read the full post. It shows you how to activate OneSync. You don’t need a special license key apart from be a Patreon supporter, which you are.


When is OneSync gonna be available for non-paid supporters? I am thinking of paying just to get onesync.

Not that I don’t appreciate ur work, I love everything you do and am forever grateful to you guys for that.


I can’t wait for FiveM to bring 60 slots to everyone as will bring more possibilities for role play servers as you can make more bigger rp situations