The OneSync EAP and you


i get this error when a second person tries to join the server, has anyone gotten this error ? Screenshot_52


Have you reached the max amount of objects allowed in your server?


that was the fuel script omg, fuel script was creating that crash error and wasn’t letting other people join the server. what is a good fuel script for an fx server >?




Hello there, the issue i had was with frfuel, i have the files for the script but i couldn’t find a link for it. thank for answering.


How can i subscribe to Element Club Argentum/Aurum/Platinum to have OneSync Please ? :smiley:


On Patreon

Any tier package above $15 except Snail Team 6 (legacy tier)

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Thaaaank you !


Now how can i have OneSync after take Element Club Argentum ? Please
last question and I stop


By reading the first post in this topic


Thank you man ! (20 char)


I have no problem to set onesync but the max of players who can connect it’s 6, more than 6 people are kicked Session Solo… please help i change all loop 31 to 255 and 32 to 64 but i still have this problem…


Hey, my server get this error:
no candidates for entity (x), deleting
And player timeout the server after +/- 10 ~ 15 players


I cant get onesync to work on my server can one of you help me out with it forget it its working now


anyone knows what fuel script i can use with onesync ? the one i previously had dosnt work with oone sync…


@yoinier28 We did some research and it looks like FrFuel generates a jerry can for all gas station. You can turn this off in the config. If you do so, you should be good to go.

Set that to false.


thank you soo much @Syntasu , this fix did worked for me , i appreciate your help :mascot:


@Diogo_Braz you have the latest artifact update ?


@RAMEX_DELTA_GTA make sure you change rconlog_server.lua and hardcap_server.lua if you have those . if you still have issues let me know .


I changed :

AddEventHandler('playerConnecting', function(name, setReason)
  local cv = GetConvarInt('sv_maxclients', 64)

  if playerCount >= cv then

    setReason('The server is full: ' .. tostring(cv) ..'/64 players...')


And Rconlog :

RconLog({ msgType = 'serverStart', hostname = 'lovely', maxplayers = 64 })