The OneSync EAP and you


Well done guys!!!


this sucks fivem crap


My server used to have 64 slots at the morning, now somehow (and I haven’t even touched the server.cfg) it decided to take off the other 32 slots and leave me with the regular 32 slots… what happened?




I wet my pants :open_mouth:


Thanks you guys for all the work done <3


OneSync is not whitelisted for this server, or requesting whitelist status failed. You’ll have to wait a little while longer!,this will write to me when I want to join someone who does not know what to do with it?


They probably don’t have OneSync access then, and are trying to run the server with OneSync enabled.


where is the access for onesync prototype please


Please read the announcement topic. It tells you the various way of gaining access. If you would like to support FiveM through patreon, follow this post

Once you have gotten an appropriate Patreon Tier and have your forum + Patreon email the same, you will receive access within 6 hours. You will also be able to gain access to other experimental features like server colors, custom clothing streaming and so on.


Dope :fire:


Nice guys! Will be testing with you soon! =)
FiveM really need a higher cap due to reputation, one month server more than 2k acess XD


fivem really needs smarter players due to reputation xddd


Sorry all for not read all comments…

As i think i’m understand, exist a difficulty to increase the amount of slot players… so i was thinking, like retails does…

Send to another session… looks like simple but maybe not, idk! We could have a “unlimited” server slots if this was possible. Maybe it needs a better “server console” idk… i m just supposing :wink:

BTW, this release is a way of script devs start to “increase” the limits…

Nice!!! Thanks!!!


20 char.


Hello I have a question. I have my server at Zaphosting. The problem is that I can not change that there are 64 people in my server. I have long been a Patreon member. Every time I adjust it, he automatically goes back to 32. How can I solve this?


ZAP’s servers are on Linux afaik.


No. My server is windows by Zap hosting. — > GTA 5: FiveM Mod (Windows)


Do Zap have the latest OneSync? I thought they just had the regular build of FiveM which obviously has the lower cap.


There’s not “OneSync Builds” and “Non-OneSync Builds” There are the latest builds which have onesync optionally enabled. From what I know