The OneSync EAP and you


Don’t make the changes whilst the server is online, shit the server down then make the changes.


I know… here is a screen of Zap support.


Well then. If it’s a Zap issue and they’re not providing support for it, there’s nothing more I can suggest.


They’re not wrong. OneSync is buggy and should only be used for testing purposes.


Modified the topic start to reflect current state. @glitchdetector is running OneSync on a number of his (pinned) servers in production for a while now, and things seem remarkably stable.

Our primary focus now is:

  • Fixing migration issues.
  • Fixing any ‘common’ reproducible client crashes.
  • Reimplementing Mumble to use a different audio output subsystem so it can be re-tested as part of OneSync again.

If you run a server and don’t rely on GTA’s voice chat (e.g. use Discord, TeamSpeak, an external Mumble server, or a custom WebRTC implementation; or just don’t use voice chat at all), you’re encouraged to try out OneSync.

We’re still on track to hopefully hit beta by end of year/very early in 2019. :mascot:

OneSync banner topic

im having trouble on how to donload it because im a 15$ patron


You don’t “Download” onesync,


do u just pit onesync_enabled 1 in my server.cfg


Make a run.bat and put this in it: start run.cmd +exec server.cfg +set onesync_enabled 1


i use zap hosting will it still work?


I don’t believe zap-hosting currently support OneSync, I could be mistaken though.


Well you can make it work if you know what you’re doing. They just dont have a user friendly button that says “Click here to opt into OneSync!”


Looking forward to this, so we can help out testing OneSync. Voice is pretty crucial in a :rp: environment. :mascot:


Where do I post errors with OneSync testing?


You can post it here.


“The OneSync EAP group will be granted to development/testing servers only upon request” i have a server which i use for testing, how may i request access to the group? I have no idea how or where.


under esx nearby players are no longer detected
for example if I want to search someone as a policeman it tells me no player nearby is this normal?


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That’s not a onesync issue unless you think it is because of onesync. In that case, provide a repro with a well written issue


I believe you email the support team, .