The Guardian Community | LSPDFR style | MDT | Looking for staff, And department staff




A RP community to satisfy your RP needs with a AI interaction script to ensure not even the AI will get away with breaking the road rules. We offer the players to determine the direction of the server in regards to what rules we have and if the server should be Menu based or Life based.
As a staff member we offer the chance to make a difference and give back to the players by ensuring rules are followed and all players are having fun.

We offer the following
Members get to decided the direction of the community
Fully Working CAD System
Chance to apply for staff if you feel like you want to help the community
Regular Community meetings where we talk about the community and other stuff

We are looking for the following
Department members


Be mature
Not here to troll
Serous Role-player
Willing to have fun
Working Mic

Connection information

FiveM Server:

Discord: V6hcdyT



We aim to bring you the players the best RP experience we can.


Hey, do you have a discord? I am from NZ and are really happy to help be staff and a developer


Your such are dick kicking people from the discord server for no reason.