The End of the Beginning



Hi everyone. I just rented a FiveM server from ZAP-hosting on behalf of my friends and I. We’re looking to develop this server over time and hopefully make it a clean/serious RP server. It’s a 32-slot 3.2GB DDR4 gameserver. I’m pretty familiar with how resources are installed with FTP as I used to manage quite a few CS:S servers back in the day.

I’m more so having trouble deciding what resources best fit our plans going into the new year. The last thing I want to do is load the VPS with a bunch of unnecessary resources or worse… (resources that conflict) Without further ado, my friends put together a nifty breakdown of what we’d want:

* Casino
  * As many games as possible

* Drug Runs
  * Weed
  * Cocaine
    * Make sure to have a npc clean money spot for both
    * Shouldn’t be able to do them if there are less then 2 police on server

* Vehicles
  * Need license/Driving School
    * Around like $5000-10,000 for normal license
      * Free bikes in meantime
      * No random car stealing
      * 2-3 really cheap cars available after license
      * Super cars should be REALLY expensive
    * Around 150k for truck license
    * Around 50k for taxi
    * Around 1 mill for planes
  * Add all the custom options like in other servers
  * No free instant repairs (car repair kits)
  * Add custom cars if there are any

* Phone
  * Black market app
  * Text taxi/ems/police (maybe so the main chat doesn’t get spammed)

* Inventory
  * Gym
    * A sever had it where standard carry capacity was 30 lbs and going to the gym raised it 
       to 100

* Clothing
    * Free clothing shops where players can change their outfit/look

While I understand this is a lot of information and there may not be pre-made scripts for all, any help is appreciated in pointing me in the right direction.



Everything you mentioned will require ESX style configuration which means using MySQL. By the sounds of it you want someone to do it all for you but the best thing to do is just trial what you like/don’t like


Yeah bro, He’s right and how can you fix something if it breaks? What are you going to do when the person who does this for you isn’t available? Best to learn it yourself…


After trying to get the hang of this for about 15 working hours already, I feel like I’ve achieved nothing. Getting developer help might be beneficial. How do I go about finding a developer? I’m willing to pay.

All I need help with is modifying pre-released scripts. I’ve found a lot of scripts for my project breakdown on gta5-mods, I just struggle getting them to all work correctly and with the proper permission levels.


Could you provide more detail as to what kind of scripts you’re using?


I currently have the following. Unfortunately, a lot of ESX’s scripts are not working correctly:

EssentialMode (esplugin, es_admin2)
vMenu (standard users only have force stop scenario & voice chat settings)
mysql Async
PvP (works correctly)
Simple Speedometer (does not work yet)
Ft-libs (needed for speedo)
SeatbeltIndicator (does not work yet)

Note that almost 75% of ESX scripts don’t work right. Unless I’m missing something… hard to find documentation about how to delegate access to policejobs, etc. Ambulance Job for example works but no ability to /revive /heal. (shouldn’t this be included in esx_ambulancejob?)


The problem with ESX is that it was designed poorly. To get it to work 100% unfortunately it’s not just drag and drop you have to edit a lot of files. I don’t have an ESX server but I do have like 70% of an ESX server that I made but decided against making it.
With regards to scripts you need to make sure you have all of the required scripts for each script so when downloading them on github you scroll down to see what other scripts you need to have them talk to one another to work.
I can’t be too helpful with this but hopefully that little bit of advice helps you! good luck


What do you recommend as an alternative to ESX? I do not like the design to it either and would prefer to go a different route if possible. The work I’ve done thus far is expendable so I’m open to ideas. (: