The current FiveM server release requires... Part II


To future and past thread Highjackers of this very hot subject, please post your own questions on your own thread. This discussion only concerns the validity and necessity of server auth keys and not how this will affect an individuals setup.

To recap from up to this point and not beyond it: The current FiveM server release requires server keys to be able to launch a server we were discussing the original question I posted:

I like to proceed with the benefit of the doubt. So, before I point out what a horrible, horrible idea this is. Can you tell us why this isn’t a horrible, horrible idea? Please tell us exactly how this will function, why this must be, and why it is a great idea._ Previous answers were posted by Elements, and contested in the link above, mostly reiterated below…

contacting server owners/hosters.

Quite capable of being handled through the voluntary not required MTA owner_email process contained within server.cfg file found in the FXServer.exe directory.

there have been a lot of cases where we were unable to contact a host, for example about a outdated server build…

Outdated server build are not your responsibility, but as MTA does, you can violently highlight the inferior server number with bright colors in the masterlist to prevent complaining users on your forums from not knowing they are using an old server, or simply rely on user experience and competition to evolve the refuse to upgraders out of use.

“.…or TOS concerns

No email given? In the case of a desperate contact Issue, or dire ToS violations, refuse to list on Masterserver. Giving instead a bold message on startup of the server that their listing is pending compliancy with ToS, and a contact link or email for them to resolve this issue through.

These and others are all valid concerns FiveM has chosen to solve with their new and required for all server authentication key. Often a solution seems easy and understandable until the rubber hits the road and it turns out to be a Gremlin in disguise. This is what unnecessary government oversight offers the individual operator. A single broadminded solution meant to cover a wide range of problems. Such as Social Health care, failing in every country ever conceived. When what is needed is individual problem solutions. A small scale solution to most of each problem, that can be largely avoided by the very best and smartest entirely, to solve 85% of each small problem. This is called herd immunity. It is how free people solve problems.

FiveM please take the time to identify each problem that this server auth key is meant to solve. Label these as individual problems. Brainstorm a list of solutions for each problem identified. And finally present the greatest of these to the community for open discussion and community approval anytime your solution involves a requirement. And do all of this well before any planned date of implementation.


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