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Tennessee DOJ Roleplay
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/4SqcBHn
CAD: https://statewide.bubbleapps.io/home
Server Direct Connect:

About Us:
Tennessee DOJ was established in late April 2018. We strive to be a professional and mature roleplaying community on FiveM and we’re looking serious role players for all our departments.

What we offer:

Custom Cars (skins still in progress)
Custom CAD
Custom Peds (still somewhat in progress)
Many scripts
Friendly environment to play in

Server Specs:
6 Core CPU
Windows Server 2012 R2
18 GB Ram
Server Location: Los Angeles

Custom Scripts

  1. Custom police radar system

  2. Custom Skins for LEO

  3. Family RP style voice chat

  4. Two custom menus

  5. Seat Shuffle. The door you enter in the car is the seat you will be placed in. Will not move you over.

  6. Hyper Stun. Increases the stun time on stun gun.

  7. Realistic vehicle damage

  8. No player blips

And many many more scripts!



really good staff members


It’s a great server. The best I’ve played on, I can’t believe it’s not whitelisted.


_Anyone out there searching for a new community, well trust that you came to the right one! Staff is really friendly, outgoing and there to help! join our discord to find out for yourself. great fivem server. MOST IMPORTANTLY ITS CONTROLLER FRIENDLY!! no more trying to get rid of those menus. we are looking for more staff please apply on our discord!!! JOIN IN AND ROLEPLAY YOU WONT REGRET! :slight_smile: _


STOP saying DOJ
in the title


Thanks for the bump :grinning:

Tennessee DOJ come join us in our discord and lets get some rp going


Great server cant believe its not in top #10


We are currently hiring in many departments! Join our discord and put in an application to get started!