Take out the model blacklist


The blacklist that FiveM put in that blocked certain vehicles such as skylinegtrfreaks air force one should be removed or have the option to remove it from your server.


What? FiveM never added such thing??


It was a couple months ago, they did something were they blocked all vehicles that cause performance issues. Its why you get a physics validation when you try to spawn in the air force one. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/air-force-one-boeing-vc-25a go ahead and try and use it on your server if you have one. It wont work.


Not performance issues, its to block models that cause unknown crashes to stop people bitching about ‘HELP I CRASH NO REASON PLZ FIX’ but i guess you cant win either way, and people will bitch no matter what, if you want it to work, youll need to re-export it yourself to fix the issues.


The problem is the model is locked. It really kills the experience since one of our rp departments is secrets service and we cant have an air force one. And if people will complain no matter what its better to let them have the freedom to do whatever they want on their server. Its why people come to FiveM, to play online with mods, and I dont like how they are restricting what mods we can put in.

Edit: Im not trying to bash the FiveM team for doing this because I understand why they did, but I think that they should give us the option to take out the block. Ive been trying to find out a way to get this in my server for the past 7 months and its the entire reason I started the server was to have that plane in and its honestly depressing.


Then un-‘lock’ it, or ask the author to re-export it using a non-broken version of the tool they used.


You cant just “unlock” it, and you can try asking but chances are he wont see it.


Tough shit then, I dont expect them to ever remove it as it will cause instability and more people bitching that “fivem is shit plz fix all error”


There used to be a tool I used that un-locks models. Can’t remember the name of it. Google it though.