Synch between players problems



We have done some test online and we are unable to play:
-Some ped and car teleport, fall from sky when 2 player are near
-Other player look to go on wall when driving and, 1 or 2 seconds later, the player is instantly 100m far away

There is some screen with my graph, hope that help:

Far away for another player:

When i’m very near another player:

We are completly unable to play online, we have tested on some configuration and different FAI, with VPN ect… nothing change, all is very bad :confused:

All help are welcome!


EDIT: We do not use any ressource, just the base server


Ok, we found a solution, so I post it here in case of someone have the same: we chnage the port from 30120 tp 27016 (yep, A port from valve game) and no lag anymore!